Burkey’s ‘Vision of Hope’ for Meniere’s Research


Below is a note sent out from the wife of a Brother Knight (Dan Burkey) from the #13109 Altoona council (Jon Aldrich's home council).  Patty Burkey has had an incredibly trying time these past few years dealing with Meniere's disease. This particular disease has little or no funding for research at the University of Iowa and this program is the first of its kind.

Would you please help our Brother Knight get the word out regarding this awesome program?

Vivat Jesus,

Michael Anderson
Field Agent
Knights of Columbus

Information about the Program:

Hi everyone!

As all of you know I have suffered with Meniere's disease and have gone through many tests, treatments, surgeries and rehab. I am happy to report that following my last surgery...vestibular neurectomy (cutting the balance nerve) I can now look forward to a somewhat normal life. Unfortunately there is NO CURE for Meniere's disease. I will always live the rest of my life with MANY symptoms related to the disease. Though unpleasant, I can learn to live with and manage them and feel blessed everyday that I may not get the horrible debilitating dizziness I experienced before surgery. Some people are not as fortunate as I am to have such a successful outcome from that type of risky surgery. I was truly blessed and praise God everyday as I continue my recovery process.

Many people are not aware that Meniere's disease exists. Consequently there is not a lot of funding for Meniere's research. We are hoping to change that if we can we can. If through research they can someday find a cure for this terrible disease then our efforts will be worth it. If we can help someone someday to not have to go through what I have then our dream and our goal will be fulfilled.

We have created a fund through The University of Iowa Foundation called "Burkey's 'Vision of Hope' for Meniere's Research." This fund is designated specifically for research for Meniere's disease. This research is being done at the University Hospitals/Clinics in Iowa City but the funds are limited and there is no fund, until this one, set up specifically for Meniere's disease.

I have attached a document to explain our venture and how you can follow our progress on our "Pedal the Parks" blog. I ask you to please take a moment to read it and consider helping us in any way that you can...financially or just by spreading the word. In that document you will find the address to our blog and a direct link to our research fund through the University of Iowa Foundation. Help us in any way you can, large or small, to fund the research that will one day find a cure for this debilitating disease.

I appreciate all the thoughts, kind deeds and especially all the prayers for me through my process with this disease. Hopefully through our efforts to support Meniere's research, a cure will be found.  THANK YOU ALL!

Patty Burkey

See attached: Vision of Hope

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