The 2014-2015 Iowa KofC Campaign for People with Intellectual Disabilities (CPID) to date has raised $621,990.76.

“Iowa has exceeded $600,000 in four of the last five years”, said Denny Hagedorn, Iowa KofC CPID Chairman. “In 2013-14, Iowa raised $622,373 and with 18 more Councils still to report for 2014-2015, we will easily surpass that amount.”

The intent of CPID is that the monies be used to specifically and explicitly benefit individuals who have Intellectual Disabilities. Any organization, group, or institution (generally not individuals) that provides services to individuals with intellectual disabilities is eligible to receive donations from collected CPID monies.

For more information on CPID, visit and/or contact Hagedorn via email at

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Comment by Michael P. Gaspers on February 5, 2015 at 6:26pm

Congratulations Knights of Iowa.

More Knights do mean more Hands to Raise More Funds for More (Special Olympians) in need.

God Bless the Knights!

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