Creston Council 1228 Starts Ultrasound Initiative

Help the Creston Knights of Columbus purchase a new PORTABLE ultrasound machine for LC Clinic of Stuart.  LC Clinic provides life affirming pregnancy care services to Southwest Iowa.  They need a new ultrasound machine and the Creston Knights want to help them get a portable unit they can use in Stuart or Creston. Please send donations to KC Ultrasound, 222 N Maple St, Creston, IA 50801.  More importantly please pray for our initiative and for the many babies that will be saved and parents comforted through the machine’s witness to life.

Please bring this issue up with your councils and assemblies.  And seriously, while we really need money - what we need most is your prayers.  Whether your council or assembly can send money or can pass around the hat, please, please, please add our initiative to your "Good of the Order" prayers.

To see a pretty version of this appeal including a picture of the machine itself, please click: Ultrasound%20poster.pdf

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