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Announced at Convention: Father Danner Wants You to invite another Catholic man to be a Knight of Columbus.!

 During this Easter Season until the end of June commit to recruiting a new member to stand in Solidarity with our State Chaplain. Remember Swing for the Fences? Well it’s time to hit that membership home run for Father Danner. We’ve got great programs and great incentives out there right now. Lets work all the angles and grow our councils and our ability to evangelize.

Take every opportunity to talk about the benefits of Knighthood to those in your family, your work and in your social circles. Remind them men are called to be the leaders who step up to the plate for their church, their community and their family. Tell them of the value of membership in a fraternity of Catholic men to support that goal. This spirit of fraternity is the Knights of Columbus for many men and their families.

 How do you get the opportunity to talk about the Knights to these men? Consider implementing an ongoing Father Wants You Campaign. Yes the best way to recruit at least one member per council per month is to work at it each month. See how --

 Key Points for a Successful Father Wants You Campaign

  • The letter must be on church letterhead.  Keep in mind this letter is from your Priest and not from the Council or any Knight of Columbus.


  • We only get one shot with each man on this. Only do as many letters to men as can be followed up on each month. This is a great program to pick a few men each month to target. Smaller councils should start with 3-5 and larger councils can shoot for more.


  • When calling to follow up, stress you are calling at your Priest’s request; and Father’s wish is for you as a Knight to sit down and visit with him as a prospect about the Knights of Columbus. Let him know he should take it as a compliment that he was noticed.


  • Keep a spreadsheet on the men in your parish. Know who has been talked to about the Knights (by whom and when) and who have not. We all assume everyone has been contacted and that is not new.


  • Follow these steps each month and getting one new member a month should never be a problem


See the website link to download resources and example templates


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