Greetings to the Hierarchy - from Des Moines Convention 2014

It is customary for the Iowa State Council of the Knights of Columbus gathered in convention to send greetings and pledges of support to the Bishops of Iowa.

This pleasant duty is generally handled by the Past State Deputies of Iowa on behalf of the delegates and general membership. Full letter at IowaKofC Position Statements

This year's letter follows:


Knights of Columbus

 Iowa State Council

May, 2014

The Most Rev. Michael O. Jackels                                    Archbishop of Dubuque

The Most Rev. Martin J. Amos, D.D.                                 Bishop of Davenport

The Most Rev. Richard E. Pates                                       Bishop of Des Moines

The Most Rev. R. Walker Nickless, D.D.                          Bishop of Sioux City


The Iowa State Council of the Knights of Columbus extends its sincere and cordial greetings to Your Excellencies from our 113th Annual Convention held in Des Moines.

Iowa Knights pledge our support and friendship to you as together we work to promote the common good according to Catholic Christian principles and strive to build a Culture of Life illuminated by the light of faith. There is much to be done in the name of Christ and his Church and your Knights will be first by your side in this Holy Mission.

In Baptism we were incorporated into the Church and privileged to share in her mission. (CCC 1213) Guided by our foundational principles of charity, unity and fraternity, Knights of Columbus put faith into practical action in various ways both in our local parish and beyond. We invite and depend upon the involvement of our local parish priest to guide our efforts. As Knights of Columbus, we vigorously encourage religious vocations through our financial support and our prayers. Knights are committed to serve as exemplary reminders that all baptized share the common priesthood of the faithful --a life of faith, hope, and charity, a life according to the Spirit. (CCC 1547)

Respect for the sanctity of life from conception to natural death is a cornerstone of who we are as Knights.  We are firm supporters of the pro-life cause and follow your lead in educating all to realize the dignity of the human person is rooted in his or her creation in the image and likeness of God. (CCC 1700) We will continue to be vocal in our opposition to abortion, euthanasia, embryonic stem cell research, human cloning and other affronts to human dignity and to educate ourselves and others on this important truth.

Our financial support will continue for Birthright and crisis pregnancy centers offering alternatives to abortion.  Our ultra-sound initiative has become a cornerstone of hope in this effort. Our concern for life extends beyond the unborn as evidenced by our Campaign for the Intellectually Disabled, the Wheel Chair Fund, Coats for Kids and Food for Families.

Our principle of patriotism instructs us actively engage in civic life as Catholic citizens; this comes with an obligation to inform our conscience and to fulfill our civic duty wisely.  We will continue to work with the Iowa Catholic Conference to encourage informed and active Catholic involvement in public life especially as it relates to parochial schools and social justice reforms.  Under your direction, we will continue to promote Family Life values and authentic marriage as a lifelong commitment between one man and one woman.

Thank you for your friendship, guidance, and endorsement of the Iowa Knights of Columbus.  We ask Your Excellencies for your continued membership support, blessings and  prayers. We are neither perfect nor learned in our knowledge of the truth much less how to apply that truth well. Guide us in our deliberations that we may be ever more successful in service to God, Church, family, community, and our fellow man, women, child and unborn child.


Vivat Jesus,

 Michael P. Laake - Immediate Past State Deputy  

Patrick T. O’Keefe  - Past State Deputy & District Master

Michael P. Gaspers - Past State Deputy

Richard F. Makinster -    Past State Deputy & Former Master

David A. Bellendier - Past State Deputy & Past Supreme Director

Henry W. Fullick - Past State Deputy & Former Master

James W. Murphy  - Past State Deputy &  Past Supreme Director

Richard G. Matt - Past State Deputy & Former Master

Thomas M. Wittrock  - Past State Deputy

Francis E. Schlueter - Past State Deputy, Former Master & Former Vice Supreme Master

Robert E. Allen - Past State Deputy



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