Membership Director Update: August & September 2012

Recruiting Hits High Gear
You Must First of All Ask
 Date: August 27, 2012

To: Officers and Membership Chairs



Recruiting shifts from ongoing to high gear in September and October as across the state councils host "Church Drives" to get the word out to parishes and eligible men of the good works of the Knights of Columbus.


On the average each new member represents an additional $86 and nearly 40 hours of service toward our charitable endeavors.

In July we announced a challenge to all officers to lead by example and recruit ONE friend or family member before the end of August. Don't stop trying! If you don't have that new Knight yet redouble your efforts. Its for the Greater Glory of God we do this!


Remember we must move toward our goal each and every month. So let's get excited about membership and let's keep recruiting!

Those councils in which all 13 officer's and main appointees recruit a new member will receive 26,000 VIP points to use as they wish.
The Power of One

The Power of One - KofC Recruitment  


The Power of One tells a story of a united council, working with other councils to make a difference in their parish and community all by starting with one - one officer, one recruit, one new member. 


An example of The Power of One is Venerable Father Michael J. McGivney. He was one motivated and dedicated leader that made an incredible impact and changed the world.  Today, people are thirsting for authentic leaders and moral leadership.  One leader that inspires another to invite a man to join our Order is a perfect example of The Power of One.  This is a new way of thinking that will help make large goals manageable with "One member, per council, per month."  The global and local charitable impact of one member, per council, per month can help the Order reach new heights.


 The Power of One 


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Principles of recruiting, one member, per council, per month

Have you recruited - ONE MEMBER...PER COUNCIL..PER MONTH??? 

Membership 365 -- August / September edition


  • Get all prospects from your Family picnic to a first degree
  • Schedule that first degree for September 8th in Honor of Mary
  • Officers get your prospects to that first degree
  • Meet with Pastor and finalize date for Church Drive
  • Write a "Father Wants You" letter and deliver to pastor for review
  • Involve new members with Shining Armor Award
This is a great time to recruit but you gotta ASK!


So there it is - that most important word - ASK! The every council active process is all about making a commitment to ask a man to join - each month ask, each activity ask, everyone .... Ask.


Each time you "Ask" it's more likely to lead to "yes I'll join" which leads to more brother Knights in support of family, church and all those things important to Knights like Charity, care for the disadvantaged,  care for all Life and Marriage between one man and one women.


Make it fun; keep track of who you've asked and compare notes with other officers. See who can ask the most.

Hold no man back from being a Knight - bring him in as soon as possible. Each council needs a minimum of 4 degrees a year -- one per quarter. Make this a council activity and get them on your schedule. 

Each of us as officers or appointees - State & Council - were challenged to lead by example and recruit. Now get that man to his first degree and get him involved.

Can we achieve a new level of charity in the state of Iowa? Of course we can and we will by working together and beginning early to tackle our goals month by month. 

Michael P. Gaspers
State Membership Director - Iowa Jurisdiction  
Schedule First Degrees
Publicize your first degree schedule to surrounding districts and brother Knights around the state of Iowa. Send us details and we will put your degree on the state calendar.

Link to State First Degree Schedule Calendar and click on first degree filter.


To Submit your Schedule Send Email to
  • District & Council Numbers
  • Location & Time
  • Directions or Address
  • Contact Name, Phone Number & email contact
New Members -- Shining Armor
Councils in Iowa brought in 1197 new members between July 1, 2011 and June 30, 2012. Each of us must encourage new Knights to get involved; proposers have a special responsibility to mentor new Knights to greater activity in our order.
One tried and proven way is to have new members participate in the Shining Armor program
Awarded for service to the Order with distinction during the first year of membership,
the "Shining Armor Award" is given to those men that exemplify what a true Knight of Columbus is. All new Knights can work toward this award and should be encouraged to do so. 

To qualify for the "Shining Armor Award" new Knights must during their first year of membership:
* Be involved in at least 3 council service programs.
* Attend at least 3 council business meetings.
* Receive their Second and Third degrees. 
* Meet with their council's insurance representative.
* Recruit at least one new member.

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