Important news for Saint Benedict's parish and Knights

Two very important things to note –
There will be no handicap entrance through the rectory this weekend (14-15 July 2018). Due to the moving in of Fr. Hertges, our new pastor, time is needed for him to get things put away and settle in. We will keep you posted, when and if the entrance becomes available.
Also - a special meeting of Pastoral Council was held last night per Fr. Hertges’ request to discuss the Saturday Mass time.
Reasons for discussion of Saturday Mass time were – weddings at 2pm, confessions at 3:15pm, people arriving for Mass and wedding crowd not cleared out, 4pm is too early, middle of the afternoon, people still doing Saturday/weekend things, businesses still open downtown.
After much discussion, a vote was taken with all Pastoral Council members in agreement to go back to 5:30pm Mass on Saturday. This will start Saturday, August 4. Please take note of this and mark your calendar that starting August 4, Saturday Masses will be at 5:30pm
Questions, please be in touch with any of the Pastoral Council members or call myself at the Parish Office.
Have a great weekend!!
Bonnie (office manager for Saint Benedict's parish)

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