Iowa Knightline- January 27, 2017 
Opening Message from State Deputy Jon Aldrich
Brother Knights,

I hope you all had a joyous Christmas season and are not buried too deep in the snow.  We are approaching a critical time of the year for the Iowa Knights of Columbus.  Membership recruitment has been really good some months but non-existent in others.  We need to now dust off the degree books or the 1st degree CD and put them to use.  We are currently about 100 members less than we were at June 30, 2016.  We will still continue to have deaths and some councils are still sending in suspensions even though they are late.
Every council should be striving for Star Council status.  Reaching that goal will net you a $4.50 credit from Supreme for each dues paying member.  That can amount to a nice bonus and give the council funds for projects or additional charitable giving. 
Please pay attention to our Worthy Membership Director's advice on church drives and the Bishops' Blast.  These create great opportunities for membership as well as letting your parish know what your council is doing.
Jon Aldrich, State Deputy
Iowa Knights of Columbus
Membership Update
Bishop's Endorsement - Church Drives
My Brother Knights!

You should have in hand the basic materials for the Bishop's Recruitment Challenge: a Church Drive featuring your Bishop's Endorsement of the Knights. You may have heard it referred to in the past as the Bishop's Blast or other names. It's all the same - our Iowa Bishops support and endorse membership in the Knights of Columbus.  More info can be found HERE.
I encourage you to design your membership campaign around our Bishops' endorsement and use THIS extensive toolbox to create an ongoing opportunity to join. We must make invitation to membership a continuous process and not an isolated event.  You can also find the new invitation poster HERE to print out and (with your pastor's permission) post it in church.

This past week-end this membership director and a number of state officer's traveled to Dubuque to conduct a multiple district training seminar. Brothers in attendance spent 2 hours learning and sharing best strategies for inviting and keeping Catholic men involved with the Knights and our mission. Want to have a seminar in your area. Drop me an inquiry at and we can make plans - either in person or via a GoToMeeting.

Results of the latest segment of our proposer's challenge are posted HERE.
So one point of view on why membership is important is that it gives young fathers opportunities to participate in meaningful activities that transmit the values of our faith. Recruiting young men to be Knights is about their families and our future - not only the Knights but our parishes.
Building our families into domestic church requires engaging all eligible Catholic men, Brothers and potential Brothers, in the practice of virtuous lives, active faith and fraternal care.

Keep inviting members and non-members alike to be courageous and join us in building up the domestic church and strengthening our parishes!

Vivat Jesus!
Remember More Knights bring More Hands (& Hearts) to raise More Funds (& and to evangelize doing God's Word) for More People in need.
-Michael Gaspers, Membership Director
Be Courageous! Ask a man to be a Knight!
Be equally courageous! Help a brother remain a Knight!
Fraternal Mission Webinar
How We are Seen is How We are Known
As an officer, it is your responsibility to help your new Knights understand the fraternal mission and actively engage in it. Learn how to do so by participating in our next webinar, How We Are Seen Is How We Are Known, on Wednesday, Feb. 1, at 7 p.m.

The one-hour webinar will provide a detailed look at:
  • Keeping First (Admission) Degree promises
  • Attracting young members through service projects
  • Spreading our mission through charitable service outreach programs 
All council and assembly officers, district deputies and state officers are encouraged to participate in this webinar. Click here to register.
Culture of Life and Midwest March Info
Some of you may have already heard, but the Midwest March for Life has been cancelled.  Instead, there will be vigil event in the Capitol rotunda March 30.  Read more HERE.
There is also a new "At Rest Memorial Project" started by Iowa Right to Life.  This project is looking at creating four memorial parks across the state where people can find healing and see the scale of abortion.  These parks will have painted steel crosses (3' x 2') each representing a life lost to abortion.  There is a challenge to all councils to fund raise to support 10 of these crosses.  If every council can raise the $500 to cover 10 crosses, that would be enough to have a cross representing every life lost the first year after Row v. Wade (2,320 lives).  FULL ARTICLE 
Nominate an outstanding program for a KofC Award
We all have that one individual in our council that ensures everything happens- why not nominate them for an award?
The State Council has nearly a dozen awards to recognize the hard work being done throughout our councils, parishes, and communities.
The deadline for submitting nominations this year is Friday, February 17th.
For more information about the awards, to download the applications, or to complete them online, please visit 
Key Action Steps- What's Important Now
As the Leader for your Council there are some important items to do now in order to be successful.


  • Confirm details of your Bishop's Church Drive with your pastor and your council membership team.
  • Schedule a membership training seminar with your Field Agent and District Deputy; energize your team and give them the tools & skills to succeed.
  • Call prospects ready to join and schedule an Admission Degree.
  • Send "Father Wants You!" letters to your next set of prospective Knights ahead of the Church drive to plant the seed that leads to a "yes"!
  • Practice your pulpit talk fine tuning it to your parish and council. Make it personal 



Media Resources from the Iowa Knights
Check out these links and share them with your Brother Knights.
VIDEOS -See videos of KC speakers, homilies, and special events.
PODCASTS- Listen to conversations about the Church and our Brother Knights all hosted by our State Membership Director, Mike Gaspers. 
View our website for much more-
See what's happening on our social sites:
Iowa Knights of Columbus, P.O. Box 38, 506 East Street, Danbury, IA 51019
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