~ Spring Membership Campaign Results ~


Brother Knights,

We had a very successful spring campaign and attained our goals in membership growth. Each year we start anew to invite men to belong and participate in this fraternity we love so much. Invite a man – especially your father, brother or son – to join us in the Knights of Columbus.

 It doesn’t stop with the invitation either. The duties of the proposer extend over the lifetime of your relationship. Visit http://iowakofc.org/page/retention to read more ideas on how you as proposer and brother Knight can mentor these new knights to become more involved with their council’s activity.

 As a thank you for the extra effort many undertook to go the extra mile we have several state incentive program which are now completed. Supreme ran an incentive program “Race to the Finish” in which jurisdictions could participate in working toward goals and win prizes. Through the efforts of so many we finished 3 months in a row with 10% plus of our membership intake goal and overall finished each month in first place in Division Two. The cash awards are being distributed back to those who helped make this possible. Councils are encouraged to use the funds to build fraternity or support charity.

 ~ Shoot for the Stars~

 Councils achieving the requirements of Star Council status by state convention were entered into a drawing while at Saturday’s luncheon. At that time Burlington council no. 568 was selected for $300 cash gift.

All those councils achieved the requirements as of June 30th were entered into another drawing and …… Des Moines council no 5389 St Teresa’s parish is the winner of a second $300.

Thank you to all the Grand Knights and councils who strove to hit the stars and made their mark.

~ Home Stretch Honors~

 Councils that added at least one member during June and turned in the SP-7 Application were entered into a drawing for one of 8 incentive checks. Checks were given to district deputies for presentation to the councils at their district or council meetings.

  • 1st Place – $400.00 Check- Council No 1305- Muscatine

  • 2nd Place- $250.00 Check – Council  No 14484- Manson

  • 3rd place- $100.00 Check- Council No 15813- Dubuque

  • 4th Place - $100.00 Check- Council No 14029- Des Moines

  • 5th Place- $100.00 Check- Council No 14267- Des Moines

  • 6th Place- $100.00 Check- Council No 888- Ottumwa

  • 7th Place- $100.00 Check-Council No 4132- Hawarden

  • 8th Place- $100.00 Check- Council No 13160- Ames

 ~ Hit a Home Run~

 The program was to reward district deputies (team managers) that showed the most gain in members, the most percentage gain on goal and getting all councils membership active (recruit at least one new member) during May and first half of June.

As to the latter – all councils active – we didn’t have any qualify during the 6 week period. We extended the timeframe until end of calendar year and picked up 5 all councils active districts. As 2 had already qualified under the previous two categories of growth we awarded $50 to the remaining three.

Membership Intake Gain May 1-June 19


$200 DD#043 Joseph Herrity


$100 DD#031 Gene Tang


$75   DD#042 Tim Dempsey


$50   DD#014 Jim Clement



Percentage Intake Gain May 1-June 19


$200 DD#001 John Hawf


$100 DD#045 Jerry Keane


$75   DD#037 Zach Jakaitis


$50   DD#022 John Amdor



All Councils Membership Active May 1-June 30

$50   DD#002 Ron Paulsen

$50   DD#010 Vince Meis

$50   DD#026 Tony Slack


~ Fr Danner Wants You Campaign Ends~

 Results are in for the Fr Danner Wants You to invite another Man to be a Knight of Columbus membership campaign. From May 1st until June 30th Knights in Iowa brought in 281 new brother Knights to stand in Solidarity with our Priests and Bishops.

On behalf of Fr Brian Danner and our Immediate Past State Deputy Joseph Ramirez, I extend my thanks and appreciation to Knights for their efforts to grow our order and our ability to be the right hand for our parish priests.

Michael P. Gaspers, PSD


~ Iowa Knight Life Audio ~

 Click on the Links below to listen:

 Iowa Knight Life – Why are you a Knight?

Why are you a Knight - 60 seconds


Iowa Knight Life – membership promotion


 If you have any news, please share it by drafting a News Update through your website profile or submitting it via email to publicity@iowakofc.org.

~ Membership Results Fraternal Year 2013-2014 ~


Membership to start 7/01/13 at 31,466

Membership to finish 7/01/14 at 31,662

Men recruited or reactivated (intake) = 1189 brother Knights

Suspensions & Withdrawals  378

Net Gain YTD 811

Deaths 615

Net/Net Gain: 196 on goal of 125

Views: 58


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