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Fraternally, Paul Lee (Third Degree Exec Comm. Member, Iowa Knightline Editor)



Brothers- As human persons we look for occasions to mark our lives. Coming up we have Super Bowl Sunday and Ground Hog Day. How does either of these impact Knights?

The Super Bowl brings to mind Bob “Lombardi” Jones (Membership Director / coach). He quotes his famous study Vince, “Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection, we can catch excellence.”

As leaders in the Knights we are asked to do many things: Star Council, Forms, Church Drives …. O my I’m only one person. Yes, and as a leader your success lies in coaching your team – your council to embrace and execute the game strategy.

What is the strategy? Place God first, and then act in charity to serve others. All the rest is details meant to serve the strategy but important all the same.

How does Ground Hog Day fit in? You could see it as deterministic – its 6 weeks either way; as Knights we look for the surprising possibilities God promises. Or remember a movie of the same name some years ago: are we are doomed to continue repeating until we get it right? I suggest as Knights it can mean we have 6 weeks to get ready for our church drives and that we do have time to make the best of this opportunity we’ve been given.

I wonder sometimes about being perfect … then I remember Jesus’ admonition “be perfect as your heavenly Father is perfect.”  Not perfect as in flawless, but perfect as in love for others; perfect as in humble obedience to truth and light.

This edition’s WIN focus– doing what’s important now .. this moment, this day … in order to achieve the larger goal – 4Mores.

* Schedule your Church Drive date with Father

* Read steps to success found at http://iowakofc.org/page/church-drive-materials

* Get your prospect roster prepared

* Get your 1728 & 4584 done and sent this weekend

* Pray to Fr. McGivney and our Mother Mary for strength & protection




Fellow Knights, the good message this week is that IOWA is starting to awake from its slumber, and membership is starting to grow! There is a huge elephant left to eat, but many Councils are beginning to take their bites, and your Council needs to do the same! The time is short, and we all need to invite those Catholic men in our parishes, our workplace, and even at those sporting events, where Catholics frequently find themselves- wrestling, basketball, even hockey!

An even better opportunity exists through the many opportunities available to men to bond with other Catholic men through the experiences shared at a Parish retreat, a Christian Experience Weekend, or those upcoming Men’s Conferences scheduled during Lent across our State. I can tell you first hand, that any retreat, weekend experience, or daylong conference leaves an impression on all the participants, and even if they don’t say yes when we talk to them, the SEEDS are planted! I encourage all of you to attend these in your area, and be ready to share with others, your “Experience of a Lifetime” from being a Knight!

The easiest way to gain members is to invite. The easiest way to invite is to have a prospect list. You would not plan a wedding without a guest list, so why would you NOT have a list of men at your Council that need to experience the Knights? Start with 5 names a month, and then add new names as they are cleared through your Chaplain, or someone who knows that man is a Catholic. Then send a personal invitation to both he and his wife, to join the Knights! Follow up with a phone call, or face to face invite. It’s very easy to say no on the phone, but quite hard to say no to a person face to face, isn’t it?

Many a fellow Knight has joined simply because he was asked. There are thousands out there, across the State have not been asked, or at least not recently, so men, the harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few. Why don’t you make a difference today, and ask someone to join us?

For more details, run to our website- www.iowakofc.org or call state Membership Director Bob Jones at 563-370-5006.


Councils Encouraged to submit 2014-2015 Awards Applications

The Iowa KofC wants to hear about the wonderful work being accomplished across the state in the six Surge with Service areas and by Brother Knights, their families, and our Chaplains. Awards will be given at the upcoming 2015 convention in April to those deemed outstanding. Please visit http://iowakofc.org/profiles/blogs/councils-encouraged-to-submit-20... for details and submit all applications no later than March 1, 2015.


Celebrate Founder’s Day during Iowa KofC Night at the Iowa Energy on March 29


Knights, their families, fellow parishioners, and friends are invited to gather and celebrate Knights of Columbus Founder’s Day during Iowa Knights of Columbus Night at the Iowa Energy (NBA Development League team) on March 29th. Visit http://iowakofc.org/profiles/blogs/celebrate-founder-s-day-during-i... for full details.


Keep Christ in Christmas: New Chairman Announced & Time to Plan is Now


Keep Christ in Christmas Chairman Richard L. Craig of Iowa City has announced his retirement from the position after many years of fine service. Gerald L. Fetzer of Marion has been appointed the new KCIC Chairman. Fetzer is encouraging Councils to now begin planning and order materials for the KCIC 2015 season. Please call Fetzer at 319-378-1843 and/or email him glfetzer@live.com with your questions and/or for more information. There will also be a display table at the upcoming Iowa KofC Convention so plan to stop by to learn more.




Remember why we are hear- to Go Make a Difference! Grow the Order; Support Charity; Tell our story. Plan on who to recruit, do it each month and results will follow. There is no reason this won’t succeed – it’s simple, it’s easy and it makes sense. MORE Knights bring MORE hands (and hearts), to raise MORE funds (and to evangelize) to help MORE people in need. Go Make A Difference!

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