June2018 items for Councils:

-->Each Council should have an Admissions Degree Exemplification in June. http://iowakofc.org/profiles/blogs/4th-quarter-membership-incentive...

-->Each Council should reach out to inactive members.

-->Councils should be finalizing their SP-7, Columbian Award Forms for submission to the State and Supreme.

-->Ensure Council GKs and Youth Directors complete Armatus training for the Safe Environment Program. Contact Rick Jacoby for details; Phone: 641-990-7879

-->Councils should get the card (front and back shown in photos) and hand it out to all parishioners after Masses. The card is free. Form 10536 7-17. Each guy handing out cards should have a pad of paper available to write down the name and contact number of prospective members as they walk out the door. For those men who want to join the KofC right away, an Admissions Degree Exemplification should be held immediately after Mass. This should be done for two weeks. Get the chaplain/pastor's permission.

-->There will be regional fraternal training for Council officers in June. Stay tuned to the comment section below for more information as it becomes available.

Ongoing things for Councils to be doing:

-->Councils should communicate monthly with parishioners via a parish bulletin blurb.

-->Each Council should begin communicating with its membership by postcard or paper newsletter monthly.

-->Be ready to have an Admissions (1st) Degree Exemplification for an Online Member who might show up at a Council meeting. kofc.org/joinus



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