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Hello to Fellow Knights and Friends,

If you haven't heard about the new Vitae Family Care Clinic, it's not my fault!  Dr. Greg McKernan, who was instrumental in getting the InnerVisions pro-life clinic open in West Des Moines, will have an open house at Vitae Family Care on Monday October 15th at 2:00 pm.  Bishop Pates will attend and bless the clinic.  It is located at 1355 50th Street  Suite 100.  It is a new build-out (much done by Dr. McKernan himself) in the same building as InnerVisions with the same landlord which is a story in itself.
Ken visits with Dr. Greg McKernan, 4th Degree Knight and faithful Catholic first. Dr McKernan describes his vision of the clinic, its purpose and genesis in the Saints.


Ken talks with Lacie Dykstra, the nurse practitioner at Vitae Family Care Clinic. She has some interesting views on caring for patients and sanctity of life. He finishes with more from Dr McKernan about holistically treating people first as a human being in their entirety.                                                                       


Antonio Banuelos comes through again as he was involved in 2nd and 3rd degree ceremonies in Marion where he translated into Spanish for a group of Hispanic Knights learning these principles of our order.  Antonio pretty much wears out John McGinniss in their exchanges but John makes some very good points about the new ceremony and puts it in a delicate manner that only a Scotsman can do.


Thanks to all who send us stories and those of you who find a way for Knight Life to continue to grow in it's reach to our members.



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