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Knight Life this week focuses on the blessing of the Vitae Clinic.  It has been willed into existence by Dr. Gregory McKernan, the physician who is the medical director for InnerVisions Healthcare.  Bishop Pates performed the blessing and the discussion is about families, medical technology and caring people.  The work of the Des Moines Diocese comes forth in the interviews at the clinic on the October 8 show and this one on October 15.  An interview features  Adam Story, who works with families in the diocese.
Antonio Banuelos steps up again to interview the Knights who led the fourth degree ceremony this month at St. Theresa's.  Fifty Five men joined the ranks of our Patriotic degree.  Joe Rameriz, Pat O'Keefe and John Kasper tell the story of why we have a fourth degree and the work of our Knights.
Ken introduces the show's theme. Dr Kernan talks about taking the Hippocratic oath beyond "do no harm" to being about caring for the person - letting them know they are loved. Bishop Pates talks about the importance of the Vitae Clinic. He comments upon the vision of the clinic being the entirety of the human person. We are all on a journey and our health is a condition on our journey not the focus of it.


Ken returns to the Vitae clinic for a prayer by Bishop Pates.  He meets Adam Story who works for the Diocesan Marriage and Family Life office who offers his perspective on the vision of the Vitae clinic care.                                                                     State Secretary Dan Werner stops by and comments upon the Vitae saints and his need to learn more. Faith, religion, vocation and science coming together to serve God. We finish the segment talking with Deacon Rick Condon.


Antonio Banuelos reports from the 4th Degree exemplification at St. Teresa's in Des Moines. He speaks with the Honoree State Deputy Joe Ramirez. Vice Supreme Master John Kasper and District Master Patrick O'Keefe. Knights are fired up about being patriotic and protecting our church while living our faith.


Please let me know what you think of this type of show with several different guests and attempting to capture an event as it happens. (The devil paving the road to hell and everything else).

Thanks to Antonio Banuelos, who carries his recorder everywhere and to Mike Gaspers, who tirelessly works to keep the Knight Life going and position it (on the website) so Knights may hear their state officers, clergy and inspiring stories of those who dedicate their lives to "Serving God's People."

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