Brother Knights,

I received some rather disgruntled responses back from my push for recruiting more Knights in the last Knightline.  I would like to respond to them.

Is membership only about the numbers?  Yes and no.  Am I pushing for more members just to have more members.  No. I’m pushing for more members for other numbers.  I want more members so we can increase the 173 million dollars in charitable donations and 71.5 million hours donated by all the Knights in the 2014-2015 fraternal year.  I want to increase volunteer hours and funds donated by the Knights in Iowa.  In the 2013-2014 fraternal year we in Iowa donated $674,211 to church activities, $978,515 to community activities and $187,370 for pro-life activities.  I want to see more than the 2,643 hours donated to Habitat for Humanity, the 130,162 visits to the sick, the 10,662 blood donations and the total of 1,033,298 volunteer hours.  Not to mention the over $625,000 for persons with intellectual disabilities and over $100,000 for vocations.   But most of all to improve the lives of more Catholic men and their families through the Knights of Columbus.

 Have we, the Iowa State Council,  prevented any councils from suspending delinquent members this year?  We have prevented some councils from suspending more members in one year than the policy allows for.  Other than that we have not stopped any councils from suspending members.  I do know Supreme has not allowed some suspensions to go through because the proper paperwork and policies were not followed by the council.  If you are having difficulties in getting suspensions to go through, contact either myself or Membership Director PSD Mike Gaspers.  We will help you work through the process.  Supreme has increased the requirements for suspensions due to situations like active military, unemployed and members in hospice being suspended because no one bothered to check on them before sending the paperwork through.  No one should be suspended under those circumstances or many other similar situations.  The first principle of the Knights of Columbus is charity and it should start at home.

I hope this answers the complaints I received.  If not, please contact me to discuss.  My email is or 515-971-9127.

Thank you for all you are doing for this great organization, your councils, your parishes and your priests.
Vivat Jesus!

Jon Aldrich, State Deputy
Iowa Knights of Columbus

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Comment by M on February 19, 2016 at 8:49am

God bless you, worthy State Deputy, for your openness, honesty, and charity.

My take on membership these days is the concern that if a Catholic man does not join the Knights of Columbus, he may feel little or no sense of belonging and common purpose and, as a result, he may have a diminished faith or lose his faith entirely, which is NOT good for him, his family, or his circle of acquaintances.

Ven. Father Michael J. McGivney, please pray that current members of the Knights of Columbus in Iowa will be emboldened to reach out to current and prospective members of the Order out of fraternal charity. May we all respond to the promptings of the Holy Spirit.

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