We are fast approaching Lent where we submit to the rigors of fasting, prayer and almsgiving. All too often we approach Lent with a thought of 'giving up' something and we moan and groan.  I propose this Lent we set out to do something better. If we must give up something let us give up timidity! Let us rededicate ourselves to the Rosary! And let us expand almsgiving to include faith examples inspiring others.

Our Supreme Knight has called on us to know what we believe, to profess what we believe and finally to live what we profess! What a goal! A goal requiring dedication and courage. A long term goal to which a Band a Brothers such as the Knights are well suited to maintain year after year through our many programs and leadership opportunities.

Our founder was concerned for the spiritual and financial welfare of Catholic families; and for building up the faith of Catholic men. As leaders in the Knights of Columbus it is our mission and vision to do be concerned about these as well. Both in our own life and that of the man in the pew beside us not yet a part of the Knights. We are called to be evangelists and our mission territory is our parish!

Be courageous. Do everything with love! An appropriate motto for men - Catholic men and Knights called to be and to do for our faith and family. Let's look around and resolve to fast from fear of appearing foolish in order to ask: Who will I ask to be part of our parish Knights? Who can use the support of our Band of Brothers in building up the domestic church - their family - to be strong in faith and religious practice?

Our Bishops are once again endorsing consideration of membership in the Knights of Columbus to all Catholic men. It is up to you to be courageous and invite and encourage membership. Utilize our Bishop’s support for membership and conduct a Bishop’s Recruitment Challenge Church drive as follow up to the Father Wants You letters. Invite men to learn more. Invite families to become part of the Knight’s Family. Invite.

Yes we are to be courageous, first in our own families as leaders in faith and practice of our Catholic religion. It starts in our family and our courage to turn from all distractions to focus on Jesus Christ and to live in response to the love of God shown us by reflecting that love to our families, our brother Knights and our communities.

Remember More Knights bring More Hands (& Hearts) to raise More Funds (& and to evangelize doing God’s Word) for More People in need.


Vivat Jesus!

Michael Gaspers, Membership Director

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