My daughter frequently remarks about current events “everything happens for a reason.” For years I’ve responded “perhaps not, you just need to find a reason to make sense of it.”


I stumbled across a quotation from St. Pope John Paul II which caused me to rethink my position: “… for people of faith, there are no coincidences, only aspects of God’s providence that we have not yet fully understood.” Interesting don’t you think?


What does this have to do with membership in the Knights you ask?


Worthy State Deputy Jon Aldrich in July challenged us to give in 30 seconds our reasons for being a Knight. Mine? That at the end of my life my family and others will remark he was more than a good man; that he was a faithful servant to God, country and community. He never stood on the sidelines but stood on the field firmly for what is good and right and beautiful. That he was an inspiration to many. However I know myself – I don’t always do these things without encouragement – sometimes a kick in the butt. I count on my wife, my family and my brothers in the Knights for mutual support. I am a proud Catholic citizen striving to be a worthy disciple of Christ and that is why I am a Knight of Columbus – I cannot stand alone and choose to stand with men of faith.


Many brother Knights tell me how it’s the fraternity of being with other like-minded men has been the most impactful upon their faith and their role as husband and father. These good Catholic men joined the Knights hoping to become better Catholic men. They found in working together that we can become greater Catholic men through our mutual involvement in God’s plan. Inviting another man to join our Band of Brothers in service to faith and family has impact immediately and over the lifetime of that man and his family.


But does it end there? No I think it extends on down through generations as an unbroken chain across time.


Our actions have impact beyond what we can ever know, sometimes extending beyond our lives to those as yet unborn. It is perhaps an aspect of God’s providence fulfilled through our willing participation. That man you invite to join the Knights today may be a positive part of your family’s story generations hence. His choice to accept your invitation will have an effect upon him and his family both now and beyond their lifetimes.


So is inviting another man to be a member of the Knights of Columbus part of God’s plan – hmmm. I don’t know. The Knights of Columbus is the perfect organization for all men who wish to help those in need, serve their parishes, grow in their faith and access high quality insurance protection for their families. It is surely a good thing to ask men and their families to walk the road of discipleship together. Don’t let another good Catholic man and his family stand-alone against the storms of life bent on beating down his faith and commitment. Invite him to be one with us and together make each family stronger centered on God’s plan. Let us together become better Catholic men and do great things for those in need.


Does everything happen for a reason? Perhaps both my daughter and I are right. I surely will not know in my lifetime all the reasons there may be. I’m okay with not knowing but trusting God’s plan to His providence and to collaborate with His plan as best I know to do so.


We are all links in a chain. Is our chain about faith, family and fraternity? Will we add links to the chain? Will our link remain strong and true? Those choices are ours to make.  The time to act is now – it’s the only time we have.


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MORE Knights bring MORE hands (& hearts), to raise MORE funds (& to evangelize), doing GOD's good works helping MORE people in need!




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Comment by Steve Heffern on September 8, 2015 at 9:00am
Thank you, Mike.

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