Membership at the Edge

Brothers, as we enter into the month of October, councils will be in full recruiting mode to bring in one new member per month. It all starts by asking a man to join us – remember the Power of One. Councils can and should organize opportunities during the fall to introduce men of their parish to the Knights and what we can mean for each other and more importantly to the families around us. These opportunities can be charity events which give Knights a chance to ask their friends to join us in helping our community. Every event sponsored by the Knights needs to be used as a recruiting event.

Hopefully each of you has received the "Knightline" publication from Supreme that came out earlier this month.  The second page is headed "Orderwide Church Drives - October 20-21, 2012".  It is suggested that Knights Participate and Conduct a Church Drive in Honor of Your Chaplain. Even if you cannot hold your drive on this week end, please schedule a drive this fall with your pastor. I encourage you to make a strong effort to follow through on this, not for me, but for the positive results it will bring to you and your council?

Church drives have proven very successful in the past; but there are other creative ways to ask. For example: A Father Wants You campaign, The Power of 10 organization, 2-on-1 recruiting with prospect lists, etc. Other ideas and details can be found at or from Supreme’s website at the Council Officer’s Resources – click on the Membership Growth tab.

October is also Respect Life Month with pro‐life events which bring together Knights and like‐minded pro‐life men. Take the opportunity to point out the Knight’s strong support of life and how together we can change the world into a Culture of Life one community at a time.

Our Worthy State Deputy recently went Over the Edge for Special Olympics. This involved rappelling off the 345 ft Financial Center in downtown Des Moines. You may not know it but he is not a fan of heights. He writes of his experience as another Exhilarating Lifetime moment in the Knights of Columbus. WSD Ramirez also reminds us that recruiting – asking a man to be a Knight – is often outside of our comfort zone. A key is to remember we are called to step outside of our comfort zones to be light for the world starting with our own families. Another key is to plan for membership growth and work it each week – bring to mind again the Power of One. As Officers you can be the example for your council. Have you asked a man to join yet this fall?

Let’s not forget to call your District Deputy to let them know how your efforts are coming along. We’d like to know how you are recruiting and the number of prospects, First Degrees and new members you’ve been able to bring into the Knights. Do remember to keep scheduling First Degrees and hold them if only for practice. Send in your 450 reports to John Beckman as soon as possible after each one.

I owe a report to our Worthy State Deputy on the participation in church drives so I look forward to hearing from you on the results of your Church Drive and recruiting efforts. Exactly what did your council do with this recruiting suggestion?  Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you.

Be persistent in our efforts and take membership over the edge of success!

Vivat Jesus,

MD, PSD Michael P. Gaspers & Your Membership Team

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