One Member Per Council Per Month - ANOTHER July 2012 Success Story

Pictured left to right: Council 568 Warden Glenn Rinkenberger, Council 568 Treasurer Bill Brune, Seminarian and new Brother Knight Kevin Anstey, and Council 568 Financial Secretary Keith Howard.

From Council 568 Financial Secretary Keith Howard

Council 568 in Burlington conducted a First Degree on 31 July 2012 for Kevin Anstey, their sponsored seminarian. Anstey spent July in Burlington staying with Father Marty Goetz and Father Bruce Derammelaere. When it was discovered that Anstey was not a Knight of Columbus, a Form 100 appeared and a First Degree was conducted.

Council 568 recommends meeting the seminarians your Council sponsors and to make sure you afford them the opportunity to join our Order.

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