My name is Bambi Schrader and I am a Recruitment/Training Coordinator for Four Oaks Family Connections –Foster Care/Adoption Program.  I am reaching out to community service organizations to bring the message of need for more foster/adoptive homes to the communities in Iowa.  I am hoping that the Knights of Columbus are willing to help children in Iowa find homes that they need and deserve through your motto of, “In service to One, in service to all.”


In Iowa we have more than 4000 children in the foster care system but less than 2000 foster/adoptive homes.  Foster children are staying in shelters far longer than they should, foster homes are taking more children than they were originally licensed for to meet the needs, and relatives who may not be able to care for children long term (grandparents and great grandparents) are stepping in to provide care for children because we do not have enough foster homes.  Usually this means the child who is placed is going to have to transition at least once to another home/shelter during their stay in foster care which is detrimental to healing and the feeling of safety. 


I am asking the Knights of Columbus to bring forth our message of need for more foster/adoptive homes.  This could be done in a variety of ways such as:

  1. Newsletter article within in K of C that reaches out to your members asking them to consider if their family could meet a child’s needs and become a foster/adoptive family.  Also asking members to bring this message to their friends, family, and community.
  2. Information on your website and/or Facebook page about the need.
  3. Informational speaking presentations at K of C meetings.  This can be any length of time and anywhere in Iowa.
  4. Helping with community foster/adoptive care events.  These would include but not be limited to:  National Foster care (May) month activities, National Adoption Month (Nov) activities, appreciation events, recruitment events, and community fairs/events. 


Please contact me regarding my request.  My phone number is listed below if you would like to discuss this further.  If you are not the correct person for my request, please forward on to the appropriate chair person. 


Thank you on behalf of children in need in Iowa,


Bambi Schrader / Recruitment & Training Coordinator

FO Foster/Adoptive Family Connections Program

YSS / 125 S. 3rd St. Ames, Iowa 50010

C: 515-291-4071 / W:

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