Report of the Good of the Order Committee - Convention 2014

Pro-Tem Committee Report
Iowa Knights of Columbus
State Convention - May 3, 2014
Committee Name Good of the Order

We pledge our renewed support for Our Holy Pontiff Pope Francis, who is truly a" Pope of the
People" and we commend Him for showing us by His humility that We were placed on this
earth to help those who need our help.

We urge all councils to continue their generous participation in the many important programs
that make our world a better place to live, such as American Wheelchair Mission, Habitat for
Humanity, Coats for Kids, Iowa Charitable Foundation, Food for Families, and the many other
programs that help the less fortunate. We urge those who have not been participating to get
involved as soon as possible. Remember ''Together We Stand, United For All".

We ask that all Knights become more involved in the "Culture of Life" by making your voice
heard at local, state and national levels at every possible opportunity.

We ask that all councils include in their meeting agenda a few minutes to discuss our Catholic
faith and how we as Knights can be better examples to those whom we come in contact with in
our daily life.

We recommend that all councils conduct more family oriented activities such as picnics, game
nights, Ladies night out for our wives, volunteering as a family for parish activities, and any
other activities that involve the children and wives.

Chairman Jerry A. Wells, Wheelchair Chmn.
Assistant Mike Becker, Community Director
Committee Members

Jeremy A. Jensen GK#l 722
Bruce Swyter GK#7504
Report of the Committee :
John Bock GK #838
Joseph A. Latus GK#l228

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