"Parish Priest -- Father Michael McGivney and American Catholicism," is a biography on the Order's founder. Written by best-selling author Douglas Brinkley and Julie M. Fenster, the book is a fascinating account of Father McGivney's world and the people who influenced him and came to know his greatness.

Review by St. Benedict's Council 4208 member M:

I have read Parish Priest to my children, and we were all fascinated by the life of Father McGivney and the life of Catholic Christians in the late 1800's. Although the authors of this book were not, in writing the book, bent on canonizing Father McGivney, in their representation of Father McGivney as a humble, hard working priest, they crystallize and exemplify, in Father McGivney, the hard working and prayerful nature of the priesthood in the United States. Father McGivney stands out not so much because of his supernatural tendencies but because of his close, yet holy, relationship to the people he serves in his parishes. Father McGivney is clearly a saint, but this does not mean that he stands aloof from the people. Rather, Father McGivney is one of the people, as Jesus was (and is) one of the people, a brother we can count on. Father McGivney's closeness to the people, as beautifully illustrated in this book, is the reflection AND source of his human and priestly holiness and saintliness. Father McGivney, while being one of us, is also the Lord's, and we are thankful for his intercession!

I hope all Knights in our Council and in the world, as well as all people, will read this account of an incredible, beautiful, fully human and yet fully Godly Saint.

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