Labor Day is a time to celebrate all of the hard workers we have in the United States. Whether it be our military, construction workers, teachers, etc. - take time to reflect and appreciate all of the good others, and yourself do for this wonderful country. 

In addition, the summer season is coming to an end as we prepare to celebrate Labor Day. We are gearing up for that last big celebration or picnic. Everyone needs to relax, unwind, and say good-bye to summer. Many of us will share this time with our families or close friends. It is also up to each of us to enjoy this long weekend in a responsible, safe way.

But Labor Day also gives us the opportunity to become engaged lay leaders to realize MORE new Knights which bring MORE hands to raise MORE funds in doing God’s good works evangelizing to be able to help MORE people in need.

On this Labor Day holiday, may we redouble our efforts that every practical Catholic man in the Iowa joins us in the opportunity to do God's will as a Knight of Columbus.

Vivat Jesus!



Joseph A. Ramirez

State Deputy

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