State Deputy’s Message: Memorial Day - 27 May 2013

Since the first shots fired at Lexington and Concord, numerous Americans have placed our Nation’s safety before their own. These brave patriots have defended our Nation’s security and protected our founding principles of democracy and equal justice under law while serving with honor and distinction.

On Memorial Day, let us proudly honor and pray for those who have paid the ultimate price in defense of these freedoms.

As we commend the selfless service of our fallen heroes, we also need to pray for God’s grace upon all of our current military personnel and veterans who never waver in their determination to defend our Nation, are faithful in protecting liberty at home and abroad, and pursue peace in the world. Finally, pray for their families who sacrifice daily so we can enjoy the blessings of peace and liberty.

Vivat Jesus!

God Bless America!



Joseph A. Ramirez

State Deputy

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