Supreme Announces 2012-2013 Star and Other Council Awards

Winners of the 2012-2013 Star Council, Columbian, Father McGivney and Founders’ Awards have been announced by the Supreme Council office. Requirements for each of the awards are summarized in the following paragraphs.

Columbian Award

Councils must conduct and report activities in each of the following Service Program categories: Church, Community, Council, Family, Culture of Life, and Youth. To be eligible, Councils must report at least four activities in each of the Service Program categories. Councils also become eligible by meeting all requirements for a featured program activity in a particular category. The six categories and the featured programs for each are:

     • Church - Refund Supports Vocation Program (RSVP).

     • Community - By participating in either Habitat for Humanity or the Global Wheelchair Mission.

     • Council - Special Olympics.

     • Family - Knights of Columbus Food for Families program.

     • Culture of Life - By participating in either the Knights of Columbus Ultrasound Initiative or a local, regional or national March for Life.

     • Youth - Knights of Columbus Coats for Kids program.

Father McGivney Award

Achieve membership quota. The quota for Councils is 7 percent increase of the Council’s membership as of 1 July. The minimum quota is 3 and the maximum is 35. A Council must also conduct or participate in at least four First Degrees during the fraternal year. 

Founders’ Award

Achieve insurance membership quota. The quota for Councils is a 2.5 percent net increase in insurance membership as of 1 July for the fraternal year.

Star Council Award

The Star Council Award recognizes outstanding achievement in membership, insurance and service program activities. To be eligible to earn the Star Council Award, a Council must qualify for the Father McGivney, Founder’s, and Columbian Awards.

Councils that attain Star Council status and achieve 200 percent of their net gain membership goal will receive the Double Star Council Award.

Iowa Winners

A complete listing of award winners in Iowa as of 1 August 2013 follows. The listing contains the Council number followed by one or more of the letters: C (Columbian Award), M (McGivney Award), F (Founders’ Award), S (Star Council Award), and DS (Double Star). Congratulations!

568 C/M

644 DS

707 C/F

814 C

888 S

930 C

952 C

999 F

1045 C/M

1115 M/F

1164 C/M

1228 F

1243 C

1305 C

1734 C

1791 C

1962 C

2073 S

2074 C

2209 C

2663 C

2839 C/F

3420 C

3893 C

3900 C

3965 C

4092 C/F

4108 C/M

4132 C

4151 C/F

4167 C

4208 S

4248 F

4287 C/M

4332 C

5032 C

5038 C

5389 S

5390 C

5660 S

5677 C

6249 C

6977 C

7294 C

7459 S

7504 C

7874 DS

7896 C

7897 C/M

7898 C

8178 C

8227 C/M

8269 C

8562 M

8592 C/M

8610 C

8702 C/F

9574 S

9632 C

10150 S

10282 M/F

10464 C

10558 S

10722 DS

10761 DS

10864 C

10980 M

11038 S

11162 C

11192 C

11296 C/F

11468 C

11592 C

11597 C

11643 S

11942 C

12136 C

12193 M

12334 C

12422 S

12432 C/F

12438 C

12487 C

12496 F

12674 C

12855 C

12910 C

12994 C

13084 M

13108 C

13109 S

13160 F

13503 C

13960 M

14029 S

14267 DS

14385 C/F

14393 C

14481 M/F

14494 DS

14678 S

14977 M

14987 C/M

15049 M

15060 DS

15254 DS

15347 DS

15430 DS

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Comment by M on August 29, 2013 at 9:37am

Congratulations to all!  Now, please pray--even a quick Sign of the Cross is a powerful prayer--that all of these Councils may redouble their efforts and grow so that EVERY practical Catholic man in Iowa has the opportunity to do God's will through service to family and Church via the wonderful Knights of Columbus programs.  Our Lady of Guadalupe, please pray for the conversion and re-conversion of all hearts to Christ.  Our Lady of Guadalupe, please pray for me.

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