By Leslie M. Opat, Past Faithful Navigator of Davis Assembly 0271

--I am the man who proudly became a Knight.

--I am the man who took the oath and payed his dues.

--I am the man who completed all three degrees of the Knights of Columbus.

--I am the man who promised to be loyal and faithful to the Knights of Columbus and to the Church.

--I am the man who volunteers for every activity and works hard to make every event successful.

--I am the man who was asked to lead a Council and became a Grand Knight.

--I am the man who tried to make the Knights of Columbus the best that it could be.


But I am also the man who is looking for more. I know there are more than just the first three degrees. A close friend suggested that I take the next step up, the next step up to the 4th degree. I asked what the 4th degree was, and he replied that the theme of the 4th degree is patriotism. I said, “Me in the 4th degree, wearing a hat, cape, sword, tux, chapeau, etc.? Is this the right step for me?” I realized that with the knowledge that I had obtained, the service that I’m willing to give, and the pure dedication I have for the Knights of Columbus, I MUST take the final step up to the 4th degree so that I can become the best I can be, not only for myself but also for my community and my fellow Knights of Columbus.

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