The Two Main Goals of the Knights of Columbus

To: Knights of Columbus leaders in District 15 and State & Supreme leadership

We have two main goals as Knights of Columbus:
1) Engage ALL Catholic gentlemen in concrete expressions of their Faith;
2) Provide benefits for members and their families, especially in the case of the death of the bread winner.
Has EVERY Catholic gentleman in your parish been given the opportunity to join the Knights of Columbus? Our job is not done until EVERY Catholic gentleman has been given the opportunity to join. And by "opportunity" I mean that every Catholic gentleman has been provided with enough information, over time, to make an informed decision to join or not join. Some men join after one asking; others take more time.
Here's what your Council needs to do, NOW, for the sake of the Catholic gentlemen (and their families) who have not yet joined our Order. Councils should get the card (front and back shown in the attached photos) and hand it out to all parishioners after Masses. The card is free. Form 10536 7-17 ( Each guy handing out cards should have a pad of paper available to write down the name and contact number of prospective members as they walk out the door. For those men who want to join the KofC right away, an Admissions Degree Exemplification should be held immediately after Mass. This should be done for two weeks. Get the chaplain/pastor's permission before going ahead with this. This can be done soon, let's say on the weekend of 2-3 June, but certainly before 30 June. This is not complicated. It will only require enough guys to man the doors of the Church buildings in your parishes/clusters after Masses; these same guys can run the exemplifications if needed. And if you don't have the free cards or can't get them, just do this without the cards. All you need are pads of paper and pencils/pens. I think it's time for the Councils of northeast Iowa to crank it up and bring in more men than ever before. Hey, and don't forget the guys coming out of the RCIA program and Confirmations.
Questions? Feel free to contact me.
Soon we will be celebrating Pentecost. May the outpouring of the Holy Spirit yield fruit in our work and lives.
Don't forget about the upcoming Admissions (1st), Formation (2nd), and Knighthood (3rd) degrees in Guttenberg one week from today (Sunday 20 May): Waukon and Monona councils have already indicated to me that they will be sending candidates to these degrees, and that's great. What about Lansing, Ossian, and Decorah? Remember: In addition to candidates, ALL current members should attend. Please let me know right away how many men from your council (candidates and 3rd-degree members) will be participating; we need to know this in order to get the right amount of food.
District Deputy for District 15

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