This 2012 Holiday Season, Make A Difference -- Go Christmas Caroling at Senior Care Centers

You’re invited to support, promote, and participate in the 2012 Holiday Caroling festivities campaign established to spread holiday cheer at senior care centers as part of a nationwide initiative to promote the overall theme of bringing happiness and/or enlightenment to the elderly in senior care center, care-givers, and participants during the holiday season.

The holiday season can be a very challenging time for our senior friends in care centers. Statistics show that while for many people it’s the most enjoyable time of year; this can be the opposite for seniors residing in care centers because they long to be at their own home and suffer from blues, depression, and even commit suicide. The music, love, compassion, and energy provided by the participants can provide our senior friends much needed mental and spiritual healing power and growth to address this situation.

The holiday season is also the perfect time to acknowledge, honor and extend gratitude to the senior care-givers i.e. administration, nurses etc. for their outstanding love, care and dedication extended on behalf of the residents of each center. These care-givers are on the ‘front lines’ of elderly care and perform ‘above and beyond’ to ensure the residents receive the optimum environment to live a meaningful, rewarding and enjoyable life style.

Concurrently, it would be wonderful to instill a heightened awareness or enlightenment in the carolers to be appreciative of what they may be taking for granted in their own lives i.e. health, family, independence etc.  One can be reminded that it’s important to feel grateful, blessed and happy with what we already have in life, and less concerned with what we don’t have.

The tradition of caroling for the elderly began for me in high school while singing at local senior care centers with the St. Mary Catholic Youth Association in Dow City, Iowa (pop. 498). It then continued while attending the University of Nebraska at Omaha. Now, as a resident of Los Angeles, the tradition has since evolved, grown, and expanded into a series of festivities celebrated across the country. 

The Holiday Caroling Festivities are a very fulfilling opportunity to give and to receive joy, happiness, and holiday spirit to and from the elderly residents, care-givers, and participants, while enhancing one’s own perspective or appreciation of life, health, and family.

Bottom line: Everyone greatly benefits from the festivities.

These enjoyable and rewarding community service projects can be open to entertainers, singers, and musicians of all talent levels and ages.

All Knights of Columbus members are encouraged to take your own group or individually visit your local senior centers or shut-ins.

This simple act of kindness can make a difference and add true meaning for all involved this holiday season.

The kick-off event for the “Holiday Caroling Festivities campaign is 2 December 2012 at the 31st Annual Los Angeles Holiday Caroling festivities.

For further details, please refer to the included information, visit  and/or call me at 818-342-9336.  

Thank you for blessing my life and the lives of others.

Happy Holidays!

Vincent J. Leinen

KofC Council #12487 (Charter Oak/Ute/Dow City, IA)

KofC Assembly #065 (Canoga Park, CA)

Founder & Director -- Holiday Caroling Festivities



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