I enjoyed a wonderful, stimulating weekend at the Iowa Knights of Columbus State Organizational Meeting this past weekend in Urbandale, Iowa, just outside of Des Moines. One of the many important topics discussed was communication. Brother John McGee headed up a great session on communication.

As has come up many times with me personally, the topic of the IowaKofC.org web platform came up, and several people (as usual) expressed dissatisfaction with the ability to find the information they need on this web platform. I understand their perspective. When I started using this web platform in January of 2015, I needed to consult with Marty Stratton (http://iowakofc.org/profile/martystratton or http://iowakofc.org/profile/MartyStratton211), webmaster, several times to come up to speed; I needed training, and I got it, very personally and very ably, by Marty. And I've become very comfortable with IowaKofC.org and now know how to navigate the website with ease. Now, Marty can't do this individualized training for every individual Knight or Council across Iowa, so I suggest that IowaKofC.org website training be conducted at State Organizational Meetings for District Deputies and District Wardens such that they will become comfortable helping their Councils develop and maintain Profile Pages (websites) here on IowaKofC.org. This kind of training is essential. Before throwing out this web platform, which is actually very powerful but has some complexity associated with it, I strongly urge the State Council to consider this kind of training, training that will increase the quantity and quality of communication among the members of the Iowa Knights of Columbus.

Please comment below or contact me directly.

Iowa Knights of Columbus State Profile Page Chairman

Contact me at the following telephone number: (five six three) two seven seven - zero zero four three; leave voice mail or a text.

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Comment by Marty Stratton, Strat Exe, Inc. on July 19, 2017 at 7:40pm

Bob, I am sorry you are having such tough luck with your internet provider.  I have experienced this with servers on the internet being down and causing a time-out issue.  Here is what I would suggest - contact the help desk/customer support for ESET Security and explain that you need them to white list this site.  Ask for their help...  They will more than likely try to figure this out for you. 

Another consideration is your own "antivirus" on the computer... look for a place to "allow" certain connections/website domains to be white listed.  

There is just so many things that could be causing this issue for you.  It is very difficult to diagnose when it could be your antivirus, your internet provider or even other programs on your computer.  My guess is the library is using the same internet provider... if so, then it is not ESET.  Also check on your smart phone, using your phone cellular service versus connection to the internet... again, try to figure out what works and then focus in on the one object that may  be the issue.  

Just some thoughts.  Vivat Jesus!

Comment by Profile Page Chairman on July 18, 2017 at 11:54pm

Hi Bob,

I'll make sure Marty is made aware of your situation.

Thanks for commenting and remember, "I'm out here!" ;-)

Comment by Robert Dale Ukena on July 18, 2017 at 6:44pm

Yay, Claude!  Good post.  I still have to go to the library to access the State website!!!

My security software (ESET Security out of San Diego) is very conservative and protective.  For some reason it blocks the "iowakofc.org website.  I have tried -- to no avail -- to correct this through the help screen, et al; with no success to date.  My "platform" if you will is Windows-7.  And, it is a pain to keep running to the library to checkout the state website.  Please share with Marty Stratton to see if he has an IT answer. . . it's all Greek to me.

Bob Ukena

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