Waukon Knights Council 1570 2017-2018 Calendar of Events

KC Calendar   July 2017 to June 2018

Subject to Change if needed.

September   Sept.9th and 10th  Tootsie Rolls

September 12   Meeting 7P.M. Hall

October 10 Meeting 7P.M. Hall   1st Degree if needed.

September 30th and October 1st   Respect Life All Masses  

November 5th    Deceased Member Mass 8A.M.

November 14 Meeting 7P.M. Hall

November 16th   Feather Party   Open 6:00 Serve 6:30

December 12 Christmas Party   Social 5:30 Eat 6:30 Santa 7:00

Free Throw Contest   St. Pats   School

January 9 Meeting 7P.M. Hall

January 20th   8:30 Set up for Breakfast

January 21st Breakfast Serve 7:00 to Noon

February 13 Meeting 7P.M. Hall

February 17th 8:30 Set up for Breakfast

February 18th   Breakfast 7:00 to Noon

March 10th   8:30 Set up for Breakfast

March 11   Breakfast   7:00 to Noon

March 13 Meeting 7 P.M. Hall   1st Degree if needed

April 10 Meeting   7P.M. Hall

April State Convention @ Davenport

May 8 Meeting 7P.M. Hall

May Elections of Officers

June 12   Family Picnic Social   5:30  Eat 06:30


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