What counts as a Domestic Church activity for the 2016-17 Columbian Award application

Many of our Councils are busy wrapping up another successful year of service to the parish and community in support of our families. 
As you complete AND submit your Columbian award application, please keep in mind the new requirement to include AT LEAST four programs that connect your council, families, and the church together. 
THIS LINK provides the OFFICIAL list of programs, along with interpretation and clarification of each activity. 
If a council has done a local home-grown program that connects your council, families, and the local church together, reach out to Program Director Paul Lee who will help determine if it councils for inclusion on the SP-7 form.
The LATE date for submission is June 30. Please submit them to fraternalmission@kofc.org, and copy iakofcreports@gmail.com
If you have any questions or need further advise, please contact either Program Director Paul Lee at programs@iowakofc.org or Family Directors Ron and Tonya Meyer at family@iowakofc.org

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