Worthy State Deputy Elect Joseph Ramirez and his wife Cheryl in New Haven, CT

In the picture are Supreme Director David Bellendier and his wife Julie and Our Worthy State Deputy Elect Joseph Ramirez and his wife Cheryl as they attended mass at St Mary's Church in New haven CT, the birthplace of the Knights of Columbus. They were in New Haven attending the State Deputies meeting held each June. One thing that is very significant about this picture is in the background is the sarcophagus holding the venerable Father Michael J McGivney.

That's right, just behind them is the Priest who very soon, and very likely, could become a Saint. Imagine that day when our Founder is considered by the Catholic church as a Saint. How probable is this? We do not know that answer but we do know that the case for Sainthood is progressing and it is looking more and more like that designation will be made.

You are a part of something that was founded by someone who could be declared a Saint. But he was just a man. Just a parish Priest troubled by the issues that were present in his part of the world. Yes, that small part of the world that God entrusted to him. He was moved by the Holy Spirit to do something. Did he know what he was doing? Did he know that his idea would become the larges Catholic Lay Organization in the world? Did he know that we would become 2 million men joined together in Faith and charity? Did he envision himself becoming a Saint? I say no to all of these questions.

I believe that what Father McGivney saw was a need. Is that any different then what we do today? No it is not, we look at and for those in need and we reach out to assist them. You can ask why, you can ponder our faith, our calling or what is right. I put is in a more simple explanation, WE ARE KNIGHTS. This is what we do. This is who we are. This is our calling. This is us, making a difference in that small part of the world God entrusted to us.

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