Please act now to encourage Congress to protect the rights of conscientious objectors to abortion, sterilization, and contraception. These rights are under attack.

In California, for example, the state government has issued a directive requiring all health plans to cover abortions. Religious ministries in the state, including Catholic schools, are right now being forced to add abortion to their health plans.

This sort of coercion violates federal law, but these federal conscience protections have not been enforced. More protection is needed as similar violations occur throughout the country. Health care workers and organizations need the ability to act on their own to defend their rights in court.

The Abortion Non-Discrimination Act (ANDA) grants this by providing victims a means for protecting their conscience rights through legal action. Contact your members of Congress to support ANDA.

Immediate action is necessary. Consider the case of Cathy Cenzon-DeCarlo, RN, a nurse in New York City, whose employer forced her to choose between assisting in a late-term abortion and losing her job:

[T]he hospital where I work coerced me to assist in a 22-week abortion. They were well aware that as a faithful Catholic, I could not participate in the killing of a pre-born child. Yet, they threatened my job and my nursing license if I did not take part in the murder of a baby.

Her story is here:
As Pope Francis has said, “conscientious objection is a right, and part of the body of all human rights. If we want to make peace, we must respect all rights.”

Thank you for doing your part to protect conscience rights and to build a Culture of Life.  


Carl Anderson
Supreme Knight

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