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At 6:13pm on June 8, 2016, M said…
At 10:42am on January 14, 2016, Centerville Knights said…

All individual members of the Knights of Columbus should have profile pages; that would enhance, enable, and simplify communications.

At 10:39am on January 14, 2016, Jeff Minear said…

Nice, active website you've got.

At 4:28pm on January 13, 2016, District 14 Knights said…

Keep posting stuff; it's great! :-)

At 7:29pm on December 19, 2015, Chaplain Schmitt Assembly said…

Which Assembly serves your Council? Just wondering.

At 7:28pm on December 19, 2015, Decorah Knights said…

Please add us as a friend on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/decorahknights4208/

Your agenda & minutes page (http://www.harlankofc.org/harlan-agenda-minutes/) is a very good idea. We need to do a better job of posting those things on our website (DecorahKnights.tk).

We also hope you'll post your agenda, minutes, and everything here on your new profile page. Each time you post here, the Decorah Knights will see it, and we can get ideas for service to Christ.

At 7:24pm on December 19, 2015, M said…

Nice Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/HarlanKofC/). :-)

Nice website: http://www.harlankofc.org/

The above being said, it is critically important that you post information here on IowaKofC.org. Go ahead, post on facebook and your website, but also post the information here, where it is instantly shared with IowaKofC.org members across Iowa.

Like I said above, I've checked out your website (http://www.harlankofc.org/), and it's nice but, to be honest with you, I probably will not regularly visit it. Thus, if you post information only there, the number of viewers will be limited, and the cross-fertilization of ideas between Councils across the State will be less dynamic.

At 7:17pm on December 19, 2015, Decorah Knights said…

Welcome to the IowaKofC.org website. 

I hope you’ll take a look at the Council 4208 website; all you need to do is go to DecorahKnights.tk or http://iowakofc.org/profile/decorahknights and just scroll up and down to see all the information about the Decorah Knights of Columbus; it's that simple.

Click here for Council 4208 contact information.

Please add us as a "Friend" if we’re not already friends on the IowaKofC.org website.  :-)

It's great to have you aboard the IowaKofC.org web platform. Click on the Activity tab in the "Update Central" box in the middle column on the main (home) IowaKofC.org webpage to see all of the activity going on across the State on IowaKofC.org.

Click here and then scroll down to see the comments about the importance of having Knights take the second and third degrees asap after having been introduced to the Order via the first degree.

And, finally, why "waste" your time asking another man to join the Knights of Columbus? Here's why:

--The Council 4208 webmaster

DecorahKnights.tk = http://iowakofc.org/profile/DecorahKnights

At 7:15pm on December 19, 2015, District 15 Knights said…

Why join the Knights of Columbus: http://iowakofc.org/page/membership

Q & A for prospective members: https://www.kofc.org/un/en/membership/join/prospective.html

TANGIBLE REWARDS ($$$, insurance, and other benefits) for you and your family through membership in the Knights of Columbus: http://1drv.ms/1MsIYmR

FREE member/family insurance benefits simply by virtue of membership in the Knights of Columbus: http://1drv.ms/1IE5Znc

At 7:14pm on December 19, 2015, District 15 Knights said…

As Harlan Knights know, if you want to get a website/profile operating for your Council, Assembly, and/or District, go to http://iowakofc.org/video/iowa-kc-council-profile-set-up for an instructional video. For more information and discussion on this issue, go to http://iowakofc.org/forum/topics/set-up-council-profile-page
Catholic gentlemen these days EXPECT to see a council website AND facebook page, and they're not difficult to set up.
IowaKofC.org is *THE* place for a council, assembly, and/or district website because it is easy to use, interactive, and FREE!

At 7:13pm on December 19, 2015, District 15 Knights said…
At 6:58pm on December 19, 2015, M said…

I am VERY pleased and happy that you have set up this Council profile page (website). After having now worked intensely with the IowaKofC.org platform for nearly a year, I have found it to be powerful, interactive, communication enhancing, and chock-full of useful information. I like the way, when one posts something, it is instantly shared across the State and beyond. Please contact me if you have any questions, and keep posting: Photos, news, events, videos, discussions, etc. It helps us all to grow in unity and fraternity and, ultimately, in charity. Peace be with you, and Vivat Jesus!

At 6:46pm on December 19, 2015, Decorah Knights said…

The Decorah Knights are happy to have another Council actively posting information here on IowaKofC.org When you post here, we will know about it, and it gives us ideas. Thanks in advance.

At 6:43pm on December 19, 2015, Davis Assembly said…

We are looking forward to hearing all the news, seeing the events, checking out photos, watching videos, and more from your Council.

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