Family of the Month

Family of the Month

A great way to build Catholic families is through the Family of the Month program. Both the Iowa State Council and the Supreme Council participates in a monthly drawing.

Each family selected by the State Council will received a St. Joseph edition of the New American Bible with their family name engraved on the cover, along with a letter of congratulations from the State Deputy.

Each family selected by the Supreme Council will receive a Holy Family gift along with a letter of congratulations from the Supreme Knight. 

Family of the Month entries should be completed and submitted by clicking HERE. This submission will go to both the State Council and Supreme Council, and should be submitted by the 15th of the month for consideration.  


Recent Winners of the State Family of the Month:

July 2017:                        Brian Smith Family                         Council 5389

August 2017:                   Derek Mineart Family                      Council 700

September 2017:             Kaylon Spengler Family                  Council 15725

October 2017:                  Justin Norris Family                        Council  5544

November 2017:              Dick Witt Family                              Council 4516

December 2017:              Jay Fields Family                            Council 5544

January 2018:                  Michael Evink Family                      Council 8702

February 2018:                Larry Berns Family                          Council 5544

March 2018:                    Jeff Schulte Family                          Council 2818

April 2018:                       Scott Bouche Family                       Council 15725 

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